Club Officers and Committee 2017


David Bloomfield

A dedicated Brentham man, who has been President since 2006, taking over from Brian Reid. Put in a vast amount of work to ensure our centenary year of 2008 went smoothly.


Richard Devine

Tel: 07785 327420 (M)

One of the most successful recent colts Brentham has produced. Had his playing career cruelly cut short due to (beer inflicted) injury.

Hon. Secretary

Charlie Puckett

Tel: 020 5705 5434 (H)

Hon. Treasurer

James Bolger

Tel: 07931 320361 (M)

Club Captain

Ashwin Kapoor

Tel: 07921 439 297 (M)

Fixture Secretary

James Hitchcock

Tel: 07786 225993 (M)

Team Secretary

Jack Solomon

Tel: 07942483338

Grounds Representative

Harris Lambi

Tel: 020 8578 1517 (H) 07845 295112 (M)

Club Welfare Officer

Richard Taper

Tel: 07810120990

Colts Manager

Ciaran Brett

07706 610 021 (M)

Colts Fixture Secretary

Ciaran Brett

07706 610 021 (M)

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