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MCCL League Record

Brentham has the remarkable record of having the first and second leading wicket takers

in the Middlesex County Cricket League (MCCL). They are Brian Reid and Tony Williams.

The League began in 1972, at which point Brian was already 36 years old, when a medium fast

bowler might have been considered past their peak. Brian, however, went on to get a total of

542 wickets at an average of 17.82, taking 5 wickets in a match on no less than 29 times.

Brian represented Middlesex 2nd XI, the Club Cricket Conference, as well as the MCCL and

captained the Club in 1973-75 and again in 1981 -83. His Club record showed that he played

1,016 matches and achieved 2,274 wickets at an average of 15 runs per wicket.

Tony was a left arm spin bowler and captured 515 wickets at an average 21.15, taking 5 wickets

in a match on 22 occasions. Not surprisingly he was capped by the MCCL. He played 654 times

for the Club, taking 1,281 wickets in all and captained in 1984-86 and again in 1989-90.

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