Brentham and County Cricket

Played First Class Cricket


Frank Ahl

Born 1908 Transvaal, S. Africa

Died 1967
Major Teams Worcestershire

Right-hand bat

Right-arm medium swing bowler

Matches 35


Graham Barlow

Born 1950 Folkestone, Kent
Major Teams England and Middlesex
Left-hand Opening Bat
Brilliant Fielder
Matches 251 plus 3 Tests and 257 List A. Toured India 1976-77.
Coach Central District, N. Zealand


Roger Bradley

Born 1962 Wellington, N. Zealand
Major Teams Netherlands and Northern Districts

Right-hand bat
Right-Arm Medium Fast bowler
Matches 19 Internationals


Horace Brearley

Born 1913 Heckmondwike, Yorkshire

Died 2007
Major Teams Yorkshire and Middlesex

Right-hand Opening Bat

Slip Fielder

Matches 5


Michael Brearley

Born 1942 Harrow, Middlesex
Major Teams England, Middlesex and Cambridge University
Right-hand Opening Bat
Slip Fielder/Wicketkeeper
Matches 455 plus 39 Tests and 272 List A


Simon Cook

Born 1977 Oxford, Oxon.
Major Teams Middlesex and Kent

Right-hand Bat
Right-hand Medium Bowler

Matches 103 and 151 List A

Alec Davies

Born 1962 Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Major Teams Scotland and Surrey

Right-hand Bat

Matches 5 plus 16 representing Scotland including World Cup


Keith Dutch

Born 1973 Harrow, Middx.
Major Teams Middlesex and Somerset

Right-hand Bat
Right-Arm Offspinner
Outstanding Fielder
Matches 72 and 168 List A


Bob Felton

Born 1909 Streatham, London

Died 1982
Major Teams Middlesex

Right-hand Bat

Right-hand Fast Medium

Matches 13


Ian Gould

Born 1957 Taplow, Bucks.
Major Teams England, Middlesex, and Sussex
Left-hand Bat
Matches 298 and 315 List A including 1983 World Cup

International Umpire


Richard Hayward

Born 1954 Ickenham, Middlesex
Major Teams Hampshire and Central Districts

Left-hand Bat
Left-Arm Medium Bowler
Matches 50 and 48 List A


Antony Hooper

Born 1967 Perivale, Middx.
Major Teams Cambridge University

Right-hand Opening Bat
Matches 24 and 2 List A


Jason Pooley

Born 1969 Hammersmith, London

Major Teams Middlesex and England A Tour Pakistan
Left-hand Opening Bat
Matches 82 and 103 List A

Neil Sargeant

Born 1965 Hammersmith, London

Major Teams Surrey
Right-hand Bat

Matches 52 and 17 List A

John Swann

Born 1926 Ealing, London

Major Teams Middlesex

Left-hand Bat
Right-hand Leg Break Bowler

Cover and Gulley Fielder.

Matches 4