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BRENTHAM CC is part of all of us to varying degrees; lifelong players to one season players to even one game players.

In the first 44 years of the Middlesex County Cricket League, 257 players have played in that League for the Brentham 1st XI including three counts of a father and two sons, a father, son and grandson, 20 First Class players, an International Umpire, two Test players, a World Cup Wicketkeeper, a World Cup T20 coach, an International Sprinter and a Dutch International; Ivor Chaplin has been around to see every single player and every single match and record their stats!

To honour this history and heritage, Brentham CC have had designed and made Baggy Caps and Baseball Style Cricket Caps with the Club badge/logo of the Brentham Oak Tree on the front and a “unique order of appearance number” on the back of the Cap, as all International sides now do.

The late Roger Kingdon is No. 2 as he opened in the first match, current President David Bloomfield No. 5, Matthew Cheadle No. 100, David Hall No. 200 and so on.

We are hoping this honour and unique achievement will resonate with past and present players enough for them to participate in and show their pride in being a Brentham CC Player. As well as taking orders from here in the UK, we have received orders from as far afield as Australia, USA and China! We are also continuing to include an up- dated List annually in the Handbook. Any further orders to add to the sales below will be most welcome. Please contact me via details at front of handbook. We have had a huge up-take on this venture and have been deeply touched so thanks to you all for your support.



(March 2016)

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