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Memories 8 - Brentham v South Hampstead

3rd June 1962


The matches with South Hampstead were particularly competitive during the 50s and 60s.
Both sides were very strong and were noted for the outstanding players they both had. One of these encounters took place on my thirty-second birthday, 3rd June 1962, when I thought I had probably one of the best spells of my career.

Brentham batted first and were all out for a disappointing 138, of which Horace Brearley made 61. Roy Phipps, a talented leg-break and googly bowler, had got amongst us and had taken 5 for 45. The prospects were not looking good.

When we took to the field, I was particularly conscious of seeing Don Wallis, the South Hampstead opening and “outspoken” bowler, walking past the sight screen having changed out of his flannels. I thought that this was disrespectful and somewhat arrogant and I would do all I could to force him to change back again.

His overconfidence about their comparatively easy target no doubt inspired me to one of my better performances. From the score sheet supplied by Clive Denty, I see that I bowled 21 consecutive overs to take 6 for 33. No wonder, as I approach my eightieth birthday, I have a crumbling spine!

It gave me great pleasure when both Wallis had to come to the wicket and the game was won.


Brentham  138        Phipps 5-45                                                                              


South Hampstead  104         B Mead 6-33



by Brian Mead
Played 1955-68 & took 723 wickets for the 1st XI

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