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Absolute technical brilliance with T9 Performance Analysis Programme

T9 & ProThink® Performance Analysis and Improvement Programme in Partnership With Brentham Cricket Club

T9 are proud to coach the next generation of talented players and help them unleash their full potential and achieve their individual goals in cricket.

To further develop T9 players' ability to execute skills under testing environments, we are introducing advanced performance analysis for players of all age groups. We know that players take ownership of their development and improve performance when they see their skills-videos analysed and supported through the specific actions at T9.

T9 video analysis is in partnership with ProThink® and will be done by a former First Class and Country Cricket player and an ECB accredited experienced cricket coach since 2013. The analysis will be followed by:

  • Report on good practices in player’s execution and areas for development (Batting, Bowling, Wicketkeeping)

  • A 3-week action plan in conjunction with T9 and individual training

  • A personal call with the player and parent to take them through the report and the action plan

If your child is looking to push on during the 2023 season, we recommend booking your analysis session as soon as possible to avoid congestion. This requires over 30 video clips for each skill - batting, bowling or wicket keeping.

Cost: £30 per analysis.
Contact: Tilan Wijesinghe (Brentham CC Head Coach) 07498 043624


Coaching and Mentoring system

Cricket Mentoring offers in-person and distance cricket coaching and mentoring services and program to help players move towards their goals!

No matter where in the world you are , or where your game is currently at, we can help you become your best – on and off the field.

Contact: Tilan Wijesinghe (Brentham CC Head Coach) 07498 043624


Get in touch to find out more about T9 Cricket and Brentham Cricket Club

07498 043624

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