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F D Ahl

F D Ahl is to be remembered as a leader who made a significant contribution

to Brentham and its future.

Firstly, he spent some years as Chairman of the Club and it was during that period that the

Estate Owners made it clear that they wanted to dispose of their interest in the Club that

originally was to serve the Garden Village. Under Frank's leadership the freehold was

acquired and he guided the Club on its new path forward as a private club. That would have

been a major decision at that time in 1947 so soonafter the war.

Secondly he was instrumental in leading the Cricket Club to the top level of Club Cricket.

He had earlier embarked on a professional career and played for Worcestershire from 1931

to 1933, principally as a wicket keeper. He joined Brentham and captained the side from

1942 to 1948. In club cricket he was principally an accurate medium paced swing bowler and

amazingly took nearly 1,000 wickets for the Club during his career from the early 40s until the

late 50s.

By the time of his retirement Brentham CC was established amongst the better teams in the South

of England and this achievement was substantially down to Frank's efforts.

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