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Brentham Super 6s tournament

Some say three is the magic number but when it comes to cricket nothing is as sweet as the number six! So get ready to swing your willow and swig a shandy (don’t drink and drive), the Brentham 6-a-side tournament is back with a boom! Assemble your team of superstars and get ready to battle the best on Sunday 27 August.

Last year Donny’s Pocket Rockets took the gold with some explosive cricket and Richard Taper. We don’t know who will take the cup this year but we can guarantee a flood of fours and BBQ buns. Even if you’re not playing we want you to be a part of the most entertaining day of cricket all year round. Bring your family and friends and join the excitement. There will be plenty of drinks, an abundance of food and a masseuse.

There’s lots of fun for the kids too. Go up against the bowling machine and see if you can face a cool 99mph. We’ll test your skills in our Glenn McGrath Bowl out and you’ll be able to test your luck in our fun sweepstakes. 

The first game will start at 10am and the entry fee for each player is £10 (includes food and 1 drink). Your squad can have up to 12 players. The tournament will have 6 teams split into two group. Each team will play each other once and the top two teams will move into the semi-finals, losers finals and finals (starting at 6pm).     

If you’re interested in entering a team or if you don’t have a team but would like to play, let PD know and email or call 07891205495. We will also need help on the day with umpiring, scoring, BBQing and other menial tasks, so if you’re willing to lend a hand please let us know.


  1. Games are 6 a side but you can have a squad of 8 players who must all play at least 2 games in the group stages.

  2. Each innings will have five 6 ball overs bowled from the same end. Each player except for the wicket keeper must bowl an over. 

  3. All leg side balls will be considered wide.

  4. Wides and no balls will not be re-bowled (except in the finals), but are worth 3 runs.

  5. The ball after a no ball will be a free hit.

  6. Bowlers can have a maximum run up of 8 steps.

  7. Batsmen must retire once they get 30 runs. They can come back in when everyone is out.

  8. Last man stands. The final batsmen out, will run with the last man.

  9. A win scores 3 points and a tie 1 point and a loss 0 points.

  10. If the scores are level at the end of the game, the team losing fewer wickets is the winner. If the teams have lost the same amount of wickets the team hitting the most sixes shall be declared the winner. If the teams still cannot be separated, it shall be declared a Tie.

  11. Teams must be ready 15 minutes before their scheduled start time to complete toss-up, etc. Matches should follow published fixture list and teams are asked to make sure the matches run to schedule.

  12. On completion of each game, the captains must enter the result of the game, runs scored and number of sixes hit by each side, on the scoreboard as well as nominating their Champagne and Slapstick moments.

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