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Air Raid Stops Play

1940 saw some of the darkest days of World War Two, with the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk and the beginning of the Blitz.

Many Brentham members were engaged in the war effort but there was still a full season of cricket played at Meadvale Road.

One of the most memorable games was the visit of Parsons Green on 14 September, a week after the first German bombs dropped on London, signalling the beginning of the Blitz.

Among the visitors was former Worcestershire all-rounder Frank Ahl, who would go on to become a major figure at Brentham both for the Cricket Club and the Club itself as Chairman.

After an air raid siren brought a pause to play, Brentham gave Parsons Green an hour to chase 114, a task they took to with relish.

Check out the match report and season averages below.

Thanks to Clifford Pile for finding the below reports from the Middlesex County Times.


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