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It occured to me that most of our records are based on statistics but there is very little that gives
the flavour of the cricket played over the years. I have set out to encourage players to put together
stories of matches that they can remember for one reason or another. Inevitably this may well be 
as a result of personal achievements but it is all the better for that. The important factor to my mind 
is to create a body of work that throws the spotlight on the club's history of activity in a more personal
and colourful way than statistics can provide.
I would welcome comments as the matches unfold and hope it will lead to members both past and present 
to add to the collective memory. Wherever possible recollections have been sharpened by reference to 
score sheets wherever that has been possible. As a beginning focus has been concentrated on the older
members so that the recollections of 50 or 60 years ago can be captured but there are now Memories
that relate to every decade from the end of the 40s. There is a great deal to be done to appropriately
cover all these timespans but a start has been made.
I hope you find this a worthwhile journey through time.


On this page over the next few weeks, past and present members will be sharing their great memories of Brentham Cricket Club. Below are reports of memorable games and players from playing members.

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