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Clean up gathers pace as new covers arrive

Storm Eunice threw everything she had at us but the clean up work at Meadvale Road ahead of the new season is well on pace.

Last month's storm brought down a number of the Memorial Trees planted to remember the Brentham Club members killed during World War One. Those trees, which had stood for a century, caused severe damage to our nets, sightscreen, mobile net, and covers.

However, the work to make sure that Meadvale Road is in top condition for the season ahead has been going on ever since.

The debris of the fallen trees has all been removed from the nets and outfield and is ready for disposal. Our new covers, purchased from Stuart Canvas using the Sport England Emergency Fund, arrived over the weekend with the remedial work on the nets and sightscreens set to be completed ahead of our first home game on 16 April.

Our ground has been made famous over the years by those very same trees whose felling caused so much destruction. However, it is only right that we maintain the look of our home. With this in mind, plans are being made to replant trees on our River Brent boundary so that generations to come may enjoy that memorable view when you first walk through the Meadvale Road gates.


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